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NEW! Introducing genucel® with Plant Stem Cell Technology and Eyeseryl®
Intensive treatment for bags and puffiness due to:
  •   Age
  •   Heredity
  •   Inflammation
  •   Allergies
Geuncel® also contains PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica plant stem cells (from a rare Swiss apple species) to help protect the longevity of skin stem cells while preserving the youthful look and the vitality of your skin.
In clinical testing, participants using only 1% of Eyeseryl® saw puffiness under their eyes greatly reduced, even after only 15 days – 70% of the volunteers saw improvement by Day 15.
At the end of the test, 95% of the volunteers had shown improvement!
In the classic Chamonix tradition of multiple clinically proven ingredients, Genucel® also contains DOUBLE the clinical concentration of Eyeseryl®. Genucel® contains 2% of Eyeseryl® to be more effective and to see results even faster!
In our users’ survey, a striking number of participating women using Genucel® saw improvement in 12 hours or less. It’s that good!
Another phenomenal formulation from Chamonix that also contains:
Algae Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen, Goji Berry Extract, and much more!
Genucel® was formulated with only the most effective ingredients to help reduce bags and puffiness under the eyes!
Here’s to your youth!
Directions: Apply around and above the eyes twice daily.

Eyeseryl® is a registered trademark of LIPOTEC, S.A.U.